Ropsten Testnet Merge Protocol Supporter

June 8th, 2022
Virtual Event
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June 14th, 2022
The Ropsten Testnet successfully merged the Execution and Consensus clients on June 8, 2022. This initial public testnet merge is an important technical milestone for the Ethereum network that paves the way for other testnets and the Mainnet merge. Holders of this POAP showed their support of the Ethereum protocol by sending 1 dollar of value to Protocol Guild within the specified time ranges on the day of the testnet merge. The cumulative amount raised is over $11,000, which will be disbursed directly to the Ethereum Core Developers. Thank you for celebrating this historic event with the rest of the community. - https://ethereum.org - https://guildprotocol.io - https://ethstaker.cc Design by Samagraphico#7571 from Poapathon.com
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