Clash of the Titans: Can Cannabis Culture and Big Business Co-Exist?

October 20th, 2021
Las Vegas, United States
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October 21st, 2021
This NFT is part of Cannabis and Blockchain history! Thank you for attending “Clash of the Titans: Can Cannabis Culture and Big Business Co-Exist?” Panel at MJBiz Con 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Long before regulatory frameworks and tickers on the NYSE, cannabis was a thriving underground industry rich with history and culture. Today, we have 37 states that allow either medical, adult-use or both types of cannabis operations. Like any new, burgeoning industry, there is excitement, hype and everyone wants a piece of the profit. Enter: Big Business and even in bigger wallets. Raising the important question can big business and cannabis culture cohesively build a solid industry? Panelist listed below… Vladimir Bautista: Co-Founder at Happy Munkey, LLC Joe Bayern CEO at Curaleaf Wanda James: Founder & CEO at Simply Pure Andrew Deangelo, Moderator Swami Chaitanya : Co-Founder at Swami Select Jennifer Drake : Co-Chief Operating Officer at Ayr Lastly, this project was created by the team at Happy Munkey, thank you for supporting the movement, believing in the cannabis and crypto revolution, and most importantly thank you for always choosing Happy!
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