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Donations to Alzheimer charities from Flanders or the Netherlands

Oct 10, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
Virtual Event
Yolie VZW is a charity from Flanders, Belgium, with a focus on people suffering from Alzheimer disease. Through several means (books, music, games, ...), Yolie VZW reconnects people suffering from Alzheimer disease with their social surroundings, predominantly by reminiscing. We issue POAP's to commemorate donations to Alzheimer charities from Flanders or the Netherlands. People can donate 10 euro on our website ( We guarantuee that 100% of the proceeds will benefit the charities, we support ( In return, we deliver a unique mint link to every donor to claim a POAP, as a proof of donation. By issuing POAP's that publicize benevolent actions, we aim to praise donors, to give them an appealing memento of their good deed and to generate extrinsic motivation to donate. In addition, we hope that the POAP's of Yolie VZW will serve as a proof of concept for other charities, so that they make use of this innovative technology as well.