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Blaylock Comics at NFT NYC 2022

Jun 15, 2022 - Jun 16, 2022
In-person Event
I met Josh Blaylock of Blacklock Comics, Comic Boxels, and Degen After Hours at NFT NYC! 
 Josh Blaylock is renowned comic book artist & writer, and co-founder of Comic Boxels, an NFT project bridging the gap between comics and Web3. His first feature NFT project, Degen After Hours, is a comic book parody series roasting and toasting to the NFT space. Holders of this POAP have a chance to win one of three Degen After Hours Genesis Comic Boxels NFTs worth two free Degen After Hours mints. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a Blaylock Comics prize pack (free shipping within the US). Enter the raffle by 1pm CST on Monday, June 27, at: (POAP.FUN LINK)