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Rocket Pool Developers announce all the things we've been waiting for

May 3, 2022
Brisbane, Australia
On May 3, 2022, in a Twitter Space hosted by Ken, a 5 week long famine ended with Langers serving a feast of bread. The loaves stacked high on platters right from the beginning as he summarized the Devconnect trip. DVT remains a loaf in the oven and MEV was hotly debated. The team participated in several panels. Just as the space went live Dave announced that the oDAO bootstrap was to be disabled this month. All mouths watered though as Ken prodded about the 10x node operator proposal Dave had put forward. The team was proposing a change to the EJECTION_BALANCE that will hopefully reduce the ETH requirement. trading was already feeling bread induced inebriation. In parallel, the Rocket Pool team are working on introducing a new Staking as a Service layer based on a node wallet smart contract. In theory, this may allow node operators to provide only RPL and stake ETH. The business applications were appreciated as the Node Operator Association was referenced in helping provide the proper dough recipe. Faced with copious carboloading, Langers pulled back the throttle as discussion shifted to governance. Snapshot is still being set up by Nick while multiple voting strategies are explored. While the pDAO matures, the oDAO will be looking to expand soon. As a parting loaf, Langers revealed that the team will be posting a job listing for two positions. A full time community manager and a part-time community evangelist. POAP development: superphiz, POAP distribution: Kairy Hiwis, POAP design: sleety.eth, descriptive text: jasperthefriendlyghost.eth and friends.