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Virbela Hands In 2022: Enterprise Metaverse Summit

Mar 24, 2022
Virtual Event
THANK YOU for being a part of Virbela’s inaugural user and community summit, Hands In 2022! We celebrated Virbela's 10th anniversary and reenforced our mission: to build more human-centric workplaces. This POAP token serves to commemorate your participation in this special experience and celebrate you being a part of the Virbela community. ‍ We launched our new corporate campus, specifically designed to foster a sense of community for your remote and distributed teams. You heard from Alex Howland, Sheldon Brown, Josh Pallag, Nicole Galinato, Craig Kaplan and Gabe Baker on the exciting future of Virbela products. We heard from executives Courtney Chakarun (eXp), Mitra Best (PwC) and Lilac Ilan (AT&T) as they shared their wisdom on diversity, equity and inclusion in the metaverse with Sarah Segrest as part of Women's History Month. We learned from Fujitsu, American Cancer Society, eXp Realty, Wavemakers Network, GAIA LINK, iLRN and other Virbela partners as they shared how they create immersive, award-winning experiences in virtual worlds. We discussed the future of work in the metaverse with Alex Howland (Virbela), Philip Rosedale (Second Life / High Fidelity), Kristie Grinnell (DXC) and Charlie Fink (Forbes). We expanded our sense of art by debuting a show of work from Trish Classe Gianakis in the new gallery space. We got our digital groove on with the help of DJ Jeremy Sole. Here's to a healthier, more productive, more equitable workplace in the metaverse! #handsin