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Edge Of NFT Discord Activator - Genesis POAP

Jan 9, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022
Virtual Event
Holders of this POAP have earned a seat as a genesis level activator within our Edge of NFT discord server! You rock! The Edge of NFT podcast launched in March of 2021 and quickly grew into not just a top NFT and tech podcast, but a force in the NFT space. Here's what you're a part of making happen: an NFTLA event brewing for March 28-30 2022; a foundational NFT project we've launched in collaboration with Nicole Buffett called Spirit Seeds; and much, much more in the works. We owe so much to our intensely enthusiastic community! As we kick our Discord server into high gear in prep for our convention and forthcoming Living Tree NFT drop, you as POAP holder are recognized as a powerful force in making all this happen. Thank you! Requirement to earn is discord engagement to Level 6 by 1/31/2022 @