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I met Jesus at the Web3 Berlin conference in June 2023

Jun 9, 2023 - Jun 11, 2023
Berlin, Germany
Jesus works at Bayer Pharmaceuticals currently as the Head of Business Disruption. Stranger Things, Science4Berlin, STEM4Health, Hackathons, Biotech, Digital Health, Startups, Web3, Networking For Health, Science, Technology, Pharma, Exobiology, Space, Science Fiction, Germany, Cuba. yeysus.eth/.tez/.near POAPs collections: Bayer: Bayer Haemophilia: Bayer R&D DS&AI: Bayer R&D DS&AI Posters Madrid: Bayer Hellas / Greece: Bayer Product Supply: Bayer Berlin: Bayer IT: Bayer R&D: Bayer Communities: Bayer Medical Affairs: Art by Stalker, Twitter @ShintaStalker, from the POAPathon community,