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WEN Tokyo presents 'Reaching For The Future' — curated by A-Mashiro

May 5, 2023 - May 10, 2023
Tokyo, Japan
'Reaching For The Future' is an exhibition hosted by WEN Tokyo, featuring generative art by digital artists A-Mashiro x Wen, with 30 artists curated by A-Mashiro and WEN Tokyo. The exhibition will be displayed at UltraSuperNew Gallery from 6-10 May and online, with support from the JGAF (Japan Generative Art Foundation). “I would like Japanese artists to know that there are many different types of NFT. In particular, the existence of works such as the ones we are exhibiting are almost unknown in Japan. They are all very well known artists in the global NFT scene. I would like to bridge the gap between this world and Japan. This exhibition is divided into 2 parts, with all artists’ works being replaced on the 8th of May. There will also be an event to discuss NFT art from various perspectives. I hope that artists, collectors, and many others who view this exhibition will discover a new fascination with NFT art and be inspired to dive into this world themselves.” — A-Mashiro