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Salewa & Dynafit Taiwan Kick-off Presentation

May 2, 2023 - May 3, 2023
Taipei City, Taiwan
Salewa & Dynafit Taiwan Kick-off Presentation is held by the official Taiwan distributor Step Hill Int'l Co., Ltd. This announcement party is in-person for dealers, KOL, media, and outdoor leaders. The purpose is to inform Taiwanese customers about these 2 European brands and the future marketing and brand awareness initiative. Mr. Thomas Jang, who is the License & Senior Area Manager Asia of Oberalp group, will join this event and give a presentation to show the brands' efforts in Asia. This is the POAP for the participant in the Great Skyview Hotel on May 3rd, 2023. 本次Salewa & Dynafit Taiwan Kick-off Presentation 由台灣代理銷商創峰有限公司舉辦。 藉由本品牌發佈會讓經銷商、KOL、媒體和戶外領袖…等台灣客戶了解這兩個歐洲品牌以及台灣未來的行銷和品牌計劃。 Oberalp 集團亞洲區授權及高級區域經理 Thomas Jang 先生,將參加此次活動並發表演講,展示集團品牌在亞洲所作的努力。 這是給2023年5月3日參加格萊天漾大飯店現場參與者的 POAP。 在區塊鏈上為您的出席做個留念!